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JLS Railroad TrainShow: LIGRS Spring Meet

JLS Railroad TrainShow
LIGRS Spring Meet
April 15, 2000

The following are photos taken at the April 15th, 2000 JLS Railroad TrainShow. This was a special show put on by the JLS Railroad for the Long Island Garden Railway Society (LIGRS). In attendance were around 50 members of the LIGRS. We ran from 10AM till 3PM that day. Not only was the JLS Railroad on display, featuring a prototypically run schedule, but there was a display of 1.5" Scale trains in the garage! Almost all 14 of the JLS Railroad Club Members showed up to lend a helping hand. I'd like to take this time to thanks them, without your help, the show would have been a flop. Everything was a total success....

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The basement prior to the show. Notice how empty it looks without the table.

Members of the LIGRS enjoying the show.

A shot of the H-Yard during the show, in full operation.

Skip Densing, an engineer on the JLS Railroad taking a break from operating the layout to answer a few questions.

Skip Densing's 1.5" Scale diesel on his trailer in the driveway.

Jason Lombardo explaining the H-Yard to a few of our guests

LIGRS members watching the Railroading

The 3 engineers. From left to right: Joe Barcia (Vice President of the JLS Railroad), Skip Densing (Engineer) and myself, Jonathan Landon (President of the JLS Railroad).


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