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JLS Railroad Project: Trolley Live Interchange

JLS Railroad Project:
Trolley Line Interchange
COMPLETED: 1/25/00

Completed pictures and information on the Trolley Line Interchange.....

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As you can see here, the switches between the MainLine and the Trolley Line have just been cut in. Wiring has not occurred as of yet. An interchange was desperately needed between the lines in order to allow the Trolley and Railbus to have access to the rest of the layout. In the past, it was very infrequent that the Trolley or Railbus ventured off the Trolley Line since the only method of interchange between the 2 lines was "the hand of God" (we had to lift them off the track and place them on the Main). I don't have to tell you that it was a horror, especially for a prototypical railroad. Now, with the interchange, we can prototypically move the Trolley and Raibus to other lines, as well as bring 4 to 5 cars to the Trolley line and sit them on the siding near Waldou for loading and unloading, hence, giving us yet another usable siding for revenue service.

The completed Trolley Line Interchange.

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