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Anthony Tonna's Wooden Locomotives: BigBoy

Anthony Tonna's Wooden Locomotives
BigBoy 4001

A friend of mine, Anthony Tonna, creates beautifully detailed and painstakingly handcrafted wood block models of steam locomotives from around the world. His latest creation is BigBoy 4001. This model is over 4' in length! Every part, facet and detail was hand made by Anthony. His next project will be a Beyer-Garrett, so check back often for updates! I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do...

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Here, the crane is lowering the boiler into place on the frame of BigBoy 4001

A side shot of the locomotive, notice the length!

Another shot of the engine, notice the attention to detail in the drivers and running gear

A quartering view of the BigBoy

A quartering view of the BigBoy, closeup

A detailed view of the pilot

A view looking down into the tender, notice the coal auger!

An overall shot of the entire engine from behind, you really get a feel of it's length.


Anthony Tonna's Wooden Garrett
Anthony Tonna's Wooden CabForward
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