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JLS Railroad Product Reviews

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...Welcome to the JLS Railroad Product Review Main Page...

     After purchasing many many Large Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock, some of which have been running steadily for 10 years now, I feel it is time for me to share my experiances with the rest of the model railroading community. My goal is to present you with as much information as possible on products I own and have experience with, as well as those I have recently purchased.

     Due to the large number of products out there, if anyone has any requests for reviews, please let me know at You can review my Motive Power Roster, Rolling Stock Roster and list of Structures and POLA buildings on the JLS Railroad. Then, EMail me with your request of which item or items you'd like reviewed.

JLS Railroad Product Reviews Last Updated: 1/4/01

The following is a list of Reviewed Products, this list will grow quickly, so check back often....

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