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The Amtrak Michigan Line


The former Michigan Central Mainline to Detroit and formerly connecting to the CSX Porter Subdivision* in Porter Indiana*, this line is used primarily by Amtrak trains traveling between Michigan and Chicago. NS also has trackage rights on this line to service local industries. Amtrak trains run on this line primarily in the morning and in the afternoon with an early morning train and late night train as well. NS typically serves its industries in the down time between Amtrak trains in the afternoon.


- Amtrak 350-355: Wolverines

- Amtrak 364-365: Blue Water

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- NS B04/B62 (depends on day and crew): Services local industries from Burns Harbor north into Michigan and then return to Burns Harbor.

Exampe video by IAISrailfanner and CRSD60I from YouTube.

Additional Links: – Michigan Services [Official] – Michigan Services Timetable [Official PDF]

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