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Kentucky Rail Task Force Mission Statement


Kentucky-Indiana Rail Advocates Mission Statement

As Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee prepare for the new century, it is apparent that better forms of Public Transportation need to be developed for their citizens. Considering current environmental and economic factors, modern rail transportation is an obvious solution.

Both the Kentuckiana Rail Task Force(K.R.T.F.) and the Tennessee Association of Railroad Passengers(TARP), are sister organizations working together in the development and restoration of passenger rail service in the mid south.

Our Accomplishments Include:

Current Projects Include

Future Goals include the restoration of passenger train services to our major communities in our states including Louisville, Nashville, Lexington, Knoxville and Chattanooga to points in the Midwest and Deep South.

Climb Aboard For the Future Join Us

Joint Membership is available for only $10 per year please indicate your home state of membership. You will receive our newsletter and be notified of all meetings and special events. Plese write your respective state group and join today.

Kentuckiana Rail Task Force
P.O. Box 576
Louisville, KY 40204
Tennessee Association of Railroad Passengers
610 W. Due Street
Madison, TN 47115

Working together to restore passenger trains in the mid south

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