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Kentucky Rail Task Force Proposals


Kentucky-Indiana Rail Advocates Proposals

Proposals for thruway bus service

November 13, 1997

Mike Weber ~ Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers

Cincinnati, OH 45242

Dear Mike:

This puts in writing the Kentuckiana Rail Task Force's desire for a direct bus-to-train connection at the Cincinnati Union Terminal. Such an interface will afford Louisville a vastly improved connection (via Greyhound) with the east- and westbound Amtrak Cardinal" passenger trains.

At this time, Louisville, Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana travelers must either drive to Cincinnati (or Maysville) or undertake on their own a transfer between the Greyhound terminal in Cincinnati and C. U. T. In recent conversations with us, Greyhound officials have indicated a willingness to bring certain bus runs to C.U.T. to better facilitate the transfer to and from the Cardinal" trains. The bus carrier (Greyhound) has also agreed to reschedule a Nashville-Cincinnati bus so that it will stop in Louisville to pick up passengers for Amtrak. That schedule, in effect, would become the Thru-way service in the Nashville-Louisville-Cincinnati and would feed to the "Cardinal."

This will also indicate our support of OARP's efforts to gain access to C.U.T. for entraining or detraining "Cardinal" passengers. Like you, we concur that having them pass through the main entrance of the terminal is the optimum arrangement, or until such time that Amtrak can establish its own station facility just to the north of the present terminal building.

Keep us informed of progress on this project - we're able to write additional letters of support, if needed. Also, we'll be glad to publicize any new developments or services in our own newsletter and to local media. Thanks meanwhile for adding us to mailing list of your fine newspaper as well as for the '98 calendars and postcards, which we'll circulate on the 11/22 excursion.


Charles B. Castner

(for steering committee, KRTF)


A Proud Past

A Bright Future

Economic Devolpment Director

Post Office Box 1839

Ashland, Kentucky,41105-1839

Telephone. (606)327-2005

Fax (606)327-2055

November 11, 1997

Kentuckyiana Rail Task Force

John Owens

P.O. Box 576

Louisville, Ky. 40201

Dear Mr. Owens:

Please let this serve as the City of Ashland's support for an addition of a throughway bus hub in the Cincinnati Museum Center at Cincinnati Union Tenninal. This hub would allow for our residents in Ashland to take an Amtrak train to Cincinnati and then take a bus to the Lexington or Louisville Area. if you have any questions or need firaher assistance please make me aware.


Amanda Sinnette

Economic Development Director




(606) 564-9411 - Fax 606) 564-9416



November 11, 1997

John Owens Amtrak Liaison for Ky. Rail Task Force

P.O, Box 576 Louisville,Ky 40201

RE: Amtrak/Greyhound

Dear Mr. Owens,

Per our phone conversation~ this correspondetice is written in support of the pending transportation plan, in the Joint venture of Amtrak and Greyhound. It is our understanding contractually for those persons and/or passeppers traveling to destinations in Kentucky ~i.e., Louisville, Lexington, and tow Bowling Green - an intermodal transportation plan having passengers disembarking in~ Cincinnati via rail, and riding Greyhound motorcoaches on a fixed route schedule is in the significant best interest of Maysville and our adjoining county region.

As also discussed with you, we in the Commonwealth must make a more concerted effort to educate the citizenry about existing and proposed rail services and we must make a concerted effort In marketing all existing Amtrak services.

Hoping this meets wflh your approval, I remain


James R. Litton



Tennessee Association of Railroad Passenger

610 W. Due West Ave. Suite 421

Madison, TN 37115

November 11, 1997

John Owens Kentuckiana Rail Task Force

Amtrak & Greyhound Marketing

Dear Mr. Owens:

The Tennessee Association of Railroad Passengers strongly supports a throughway bus connecting with the Cardinal from Nashville, Louisville to Cincinnati. This is vaguely already advertised in the Amtrak marketing which shows a dotted line going North from Nashville suggesting that some type of a connection exists. We would be pleased to help with the marketing of this effort through local media and travel agents. We would also hope that a similar service could be developed to connect with the Crescent at Birmingham, Alabama.


Arthur R. Cushman,

Middle TN Director

TN Association of Railroad Passengers

Phone: (615) 860-1748 Fax; (615) 860-1743

Bob Thurman, Secretary Treasurer

TN Association of Railroad Passengers

John Kennedy, Legal Advisor

TN Association of Railroad Passengers

National Association of Railroad Passengers 900 Second Street, NB Phone 2O2~362 Suite 308 Fax 2O2~287 Washington, DC 20002-3557 December 3, 1997 Mr Jon Owen Kentuckiana Rail Task Force P.O. Box 576 Louisville, Ky 40201 Dear Mr. Owen: The National Association of Railroad Passengers supports the increasing pace of improved intermodal passenger connections between Amtrak and intercity bus companies, principally Greyhound. In particular, NARP would like to see a connection made possible linking Louisville with the east by way of Cincinnati Union Teminal. NARP understands that a Greyhound bus from the south currently passes Louisville stopping on its way to the Cincinnati Greyhound station. NARP understands further that if Greyhound were to add stops to this run at Louisville and Cincinnati Union Terminal, a useful connection could be made for passengers wishing to use Amtrak's Cardinal for points further east (e.g., Huntington, Charleston, Washington D.C ) Finally NARP understands that a return trip already stops at Louisville but also would need to stop at Cincinnati Union Terminal, and that passengers at Bowling Green and Nashville also would benefit from the new connection. NARP applauds the establishment by Amtrak and Greyhound ol thruway bus service from Louisville to Chicago on November 10,1996. and hopes that a way can be found to connect Louisville to the east as well. Very truly yours Scott Leonard Assistant Director

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