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W Kingston Vandalism
West Kingston Vandalism increasing
photog: Jack McCabe | RIOL | Coor of Operation Lifesaver in RI | Board rec/sec FKS Inc.| Chairman: Dr. Frank Heppner FKS Inc.
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P1010001 P1010002 P1010003 P1010004
minimal sign visable enter to station sign out of sight line sign vandalised and rotting tagged business sign
P1010005 P1010006 P1010007 P1010008
expensive business sign tagged tower stairway recent vandalism tower stairs tagging under bridge 138
P1010009 P1010010 P1010011 P1010012
party place under bridge tagged summer 04 recent tagging recent tagging summer 04 chalk tagging
P1010013 P1010014 P1010015 P1010016
summer 04 recent tagging   bridge 138 recent tagging overhead in path of validalism
P1010017 P1010018 P1010019 P1010020
O Neil Bike path sign recent vandalism to sign recent vandalism to eagle project sign at engine turn bike path sign again

In the past year an upturn in unlawful activities at the station and north end of the O'Neil bike path at West Kingston.

Tagging Rt. 138 bridge.

Tagging area business signage.

Vandalism to business signage.

Younger copy cat taggers this spring and summer using chalk and crayon.

Loitering in station, bus circle, and pedestrian walkways.

Skateboarding in the same areas as above.

Trashing the station bathrooms and chasing trains up and down the platforms.

Banging on the sides and windows of station to alarm passengers and personal.

Busting the glass on the O'Neil public bulletin board.

Busting of the engine turn display by Eagle Scout Boss under the direction of the Friends of KS Inc.