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August 10,2003 | Golden Gate Train Museum, San Franciso, California | Located at gate G in the Navy Yard

Digital photos: | permission for reuse requested | A link is provided to visit the Golden Gate Museum website below.

P1010128 P1010129


      Retired Amtrak sleeper; Builder: Budd. Year Built: 1950 [ more ]
P1010130 P1010131
Rear of # 2472         Side of #2472 under rebuild in the shop      
P1010132 P1010133
    Vernon Bruce, volunteer welding new iron        
P1010134 P1010135
      Retired Amtrak coach stainless steel     Retired Sante Fe 'Pulman Sleeper' circa 1920 [more info]
P1010136 P1010137
      Retired early Amtrak Dome Lounge; Builder: Southern Pacific (Originally Pullman). Year Built: 1955 (1937)
Overall Length: 85'2". Capacity: 78 passengers [more]
      Retired Southern Pacific coach
P1010138 P1010139
              Southern Pacific yard engine #1487
P1010140 P1010141
      Ted Ewing pretends to be an old steam engineer Ted is thinking he will keep his conductor job on Surfliners.       
P1010142 P1010143
              #2472 Steam, SP engine in the house :more info
P1010144 P1010145
   Jack guesses drive wheel size on the #2472 Looking out like this would smoke your face up quickly       

Thanks to the kind folks at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum for keeping the gate open late so we could have a special tour. Also for providing a ride for us back to downtown San Franciso.

Jack McCabe, Amtrak Kingston RI, and lifelong pal Ted Ewing, Amtrak Conductor out of San Deigo, California. Click on the museum emblem to learn more about

Golden Gate Museum Railroad icon of tracks under bridge

      Special tour for Ted and Jack