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About our website:

 This website was originally designed to highlight the activities of the Friends of Kingston Station Incorporated, and to document the thousands of volunteer man hours spent to save the Kingston railroad station and improve the service to the highest standards for passengers at that location. The year 2004 will mark the 30th year for the Friends of Kingston Station, expect a celebration in the spring of 04!

The second focus of this website is to offer helpful information about the services available at the Kingston station. A great deal of effort has been made to include information or links that will be helpful to the traveling public coming to this location or leaving this location to travel to other destinations. Links to this site are encouraged, please notify us should you wish to link or reverse link. The design of this website is based on an effort to keep an attractive and interesting appearance while maintaining accessibility to visually challenged or disabled visitors. Images and loading times are kept to a sensible minimum to allow for the quick access to information, in particular the front page . The object of this website is to be useful to as wide range an audience as possible.

 factoid: After reopening in the restored station in 1998, Amtrak saw a 19% increase in sales volume by the year 2000. Sales continue to be improve annually.

factoid: "Without the" Friends of Kingston Station" there wouldn't be a Kingston Station today!".

Friends of Kingston Station Inc. | P.O. Box 191. West Kingston, RI. 02892

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