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Typical Public Statement:
The old Narragansett Pier RR turntable should be a part of the project or
part of the bike path, likely a sitting area, with a plaque?
One other suggestion...It was great that the Kingston tower building
was saved and relocated. However, I think the old tower could serve
a more useful purpose if it was relocated from its current position
to the point where the new bike path begins...likely near the NPRR
turntable. The tower could be used as a information booth or headquarters
for the bike bath. I am afraid that the tower may not survive
in current location if not used a regularly basis.
Friends Position:
The Friends made a point to advise the RIDOT that this and other
elements were part of the history of the site. The turntable will be
part of the bike path, likely a sitting area. A plaque would be a nice idea.
But we have not addressed that detail to the bike path. The Bike path project
is a separate project under the RIDOT.
We did recommend to the RIDOT in (1989), that the property south of the station
be purchased to include extending the bike path to the depot and not terminating
it at Liberty Lane, which was the states original proposal.
Some of us were part of the West Kingston Civic Asso. at the time (1984) we
worked to save the tower. The state did plan to include the tower to the
to the station side (1994) but the funding fell short of doing this as we uncovered
some unexpected problems on the station during phase one.
The Friends have also had the wood benches restored and plaqued. They are
being stored at Arnolds Lumber till the depot is ready. We recommended that
the granite supports from the basement of the station be saved and used on
the site. We called for reinstalling the granite tie posts on the circle, which
were put in this week with new metal tie rods.
We also have the Train Board, and a NPRR restored baggage cart.
We are still hoping the the tower can be relocated to the station side, and
the RIDOT has assured us that they have included a place for it to be installed
which would be about 20-30 feet north of the station but back from tracks. We
recommended it would be useful as an ATM machine site. This area provides higher
visibility and less likely assaults from vandals...which is on going situation.
Jack McCabe was instrumental intervening to save the block signal equipment
which Amtrak was about to dispose. It is now back over to where it started in
the tower. Someday we could maybe set it back upstairs for historic viewing.
Please keep and eye on our web page to keep up to date
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Thanks for your interest
Martha McCabe
Friends of Kingston Station Inc. Board