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Volunteer Friends of Kingston Station Board Members March 22nd, 2005 at Annual Meeting

Past Treasurer Steven Museum, Past Treasurer Warren Hagist @ Mrs. Norma Hagist, Current Treasurer Ev Stuart, Jack.McCabe , Rich Neff, Bernadett DeAcentis, Veronica Trudeau, Chairman Dr. Frank Heppner, Past Chairman David D. Whelan


The station has been saved and restored from a unfortunate fire, however continued vigilance by our members will continue into the future.
High quality standards for the rail passengers and visitors as well as our plans for a transportation musuem will keep
our organization busy into the future. If you would like to be a part of the history of Kingston Station just click to join.
After a decade [ 1988-1998] of hard work, the Kingston Station stands ready to serve
board members image from 2003
 Friends of Kingston Station Inc. Board of Directors at Annual Meeting 3.11.2003
left to right: Veronica Trudeau, Martha.McCabe, Warren Hagist, Jack.McCabe, Frank Heppner, Evert Stuart, Stuart Schnieder, Bernadette DeAcentis

  FRIENDS of KINGSTON STATION INC. | Founders | Station | Operation Lifesaver

Model Station of the Road in 1875 and now in 1999

"The grounds to the east and north of the station have been set back with thrifty shade trees, and at no distant periodwill afford both shade and shelter to both man and beast. With its long spacious platforms and graveled carriage drives, this might well be termed the model station of the road." -from "The New Depot", an article from THE NARRAGANSETT TIMES, dated May 28, 1875.

"Model Station of the Road" An Essay by Stuart P. Schneider 1974


Dedicated to Saving and Restoration of Kingston Station & Sponsors of Operation Lifesaver in Rhode Island
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Essay on our Celebration of the completion of the restoration.


FRIENDS of KINGSTON STATION INC. | Founders | Station | Operation Lifesaver

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