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You are invited to a big celebration!


Sunday, May 31, 1998



Members of the Friends of Kingston Station are invited to the Grand Celebration of the station's reconstruction. Join hundreds of local citizens as we revel in the excitement of completing a decade's work. Our dear old friend, the Kingston Station has never looked finer.


In addition to meeting the state's major political leaders, you will witness what is promised to be the last ever live steam locomotive event at Kingston Station. Amtrak is enthusiastically working with the Friends and the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT to provide an equipment display that includes the Valley Railroads steam locomotive No. 40, one of Amtrak's newest P42 diesel locomotives, and a new Viewliner sleeping car. Other highlights of the day include:


The Providence Brigade Band, which features Civil War Era music

The Wakefield Civic Band

The South Kingstown High School Chorus

Antique Autos

Fire apparatus on display

Book signing by Stella E. Burns of Wakefield, author of The Lonesome Whistle's Call.

Food vendors of many flavors

And much, much more!


Festivities run from 10 AM to 5 PM, with ceremonies and equipment display from Noon to 2 PM.


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The Friends are doing most of the work in planning and coordinating this event. Friends Board of Directors members Martha McCabe, Frank Heppner, Dave Whelan, and Jack McCabe have been doing yeoman's work in getting this event pulled together. But, for it to happen smoothly, we need more volunteers.

Please help us out any way you can!


We need your help to:


Plan the final details of the celebration

Cover dozens of activities the day of the event


We will need your help with activities such as:

Promoting this celebration in your neighborhood

Make and post signs to guide visitors around during the event

Set up before the event, including the Friend's own exhibit.

Direct exhibitors and vendors to their assigned locations

Direct visitors to the main parking lot at the American Power Conversion (APC) plant on Fairgrounds Road

Help people onto the free "parking lot to Station" shuttle bus, being provided by RIPTA

Help with security, trash pick-up, and coordination

Clean up when it is over



The Friend's Board of Directors are meeting regularly to plan this event. Please join us!


Over the years many members of the Friends have asked: "What can I do to help the cause?" Well, this is your chance! Please call Martha McCabe at 789-5374 to find out how you can help. You'll be glad you did.


The next planning meeting for this celebration will be at 7:15 PM, Monday, April 27th, in the Station. Please join us.