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*Kingston RR Station under the New York ,NewHaven &Hartford RR, March 12, 1967

Photo from Bobs' Photo, Ansonia, Connecticut


Features noted in this rare photographic angle on Kingston RR Station includes the original switching tower, ( 1914 ), the newer tower beyond the bridge, (circa 1933), the remains of the shed roof that was attached to the station, ( circa 1914 ). This had extended the length of the platform to protect the movement of passengers from the mainline to the Narragansett RR track. This shed roof replaced the the self supported splayed roof which can be seen on the south wall of the station here. In phase one of the restoration in 1994 the shed roof you see here was removed and once again replaced with an exact duplicate of it's original.

The 1914 tower in the foreground was a hand thrown track switching tower and controlled the movement of the trains from the mainline track to the Kingston Yard and to the Narragansett RR tracks. All yard work and switching duties were handled by the *Narragansett RR employees. Below the tower in the same structure was the location of the Railroad Express Office, or *REA as it was known. Behind the REA office was the freight office and then the maintain office. This tower was just over 128 feet from the depot on the north side. Because the of the many duties and tasks that the railroad handled the buildings are in close proximity to the track. The building housing the REA and freight offices was even closer to the track to allow quick service and movement of materials, mail, and even animals from the trains. The architectural design considerations are fundamentally born of pragmatic considerations. The distance of the depot to the REA office allowed taxi's and "stationwagons" be in position to meet arrivals and departures of passengers, this is currently achieved at the south parking area.

by Jack McCabe


*Kingston Railroad Station, built in 1875 by the New York, Providence and Boston Railroad

*REA Railroad Express Agency

*Narragansett Pier Railroad