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Narragansett Pier Railroad

Here are some brief facts on the Narragansett Pier RR. | Pictures of Rolling Stock


Charted in 1874.
Eight mile RR built in 1876. ( This is one year
after the Kingston Station was built at the current location
in 1875.) The route started on the south side of the
Kingston Station and ended at Narragansett Pier.
It connected to the New York, Providence & Boston RR
but it was not operated by that company.
At Kingston it was parallel with the "mainline" track
to allow passengers to transfer. In 1914 a long shed roof
was attached to the Kingston Station and all along the
platform so the south to shelter passengers during this
change of trains.
From Kingston Station it is 3 miles to Goulds crossing.
( This is the current location of the Curtis Corner middle school.)
It is 4 miles to Peace Dale, 5 miles to Rodman Crossing in
Wakefield, 6 miles to Sprague Park, and 8 miles to the
Narragansett Pier.
The Friends of Kingston Station have suggested to the
RIDOT planners and the South County Museum Board
to consider extending the current bike path into the South County
museum compound, which is just beyond Sprague Park.
The two main objectives of the Narragansett line were to
provide freight service for the textile mills at Peace Dale
and Wakefield, and passenger service to the resort community
of Narragansett Pier.
The Hazard family built the line and the Peace Dale Manufacturing
Company was owned by Rowland G. Hazard & Sons.
The Hazards sold the railroad in 1946 and the passenger service
ended in 1952. The line was abandoned in 1981.


Sources "Short Haul to the Bay" J. Henwood
and "The Rail Lines of
Southern New England" Ronald Dale Kerr

 Compiled by Jack McCabe | Back to Kingston Station