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Volunteers are needed!

The Rhode Island Railroad Museum may be the right volunteer opportunity for you!

Contact: Dr. Frank Heppner, RIRRmuseum [at] or contact him at Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Operation Livesaver [ RIOL] is dedicated to keeping the railroad safe and preventing deaths and injuries on the tracks.

Volunteers are needed to attend safety shows, school safety days, and to present to audiences.

Contact: RIOL [at] , State Coordinator Jack.McCabe

Contributions to RIOL are used to match FRA grants for outreach materials for distribution to schools, clubs, and rail safety exhibits. Please use the Friends address below.


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"Without the" Friends of Kingston Station" there wouldn't be a Kingston Station today!" Quote: John H. Chaffee

Friends of Kingston Station Inc. | P.O. Box 191. West Kingston, RI. 02892-0191

Membership $10.00 per year and contributions are tax deductable


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