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Bethlehem 4 Outhouse Bethlehem 4 Outhouse

Four-Story Outhouse for the “Bethlehem 4”

This project was inspired by a discussion of two-story outhouses on the
One-20point3 list. Do not take this model seriously ~ I threw it together in a day
for you to enjoy, not critique. So don’t worry where the “stuff” goes, etc. OK?

Description from top to bottom (youngest to oldest). Rationale: the young
can climb the extra height, and ol’ Jim can just fall into his if he has to!

TOP: for Hiromi, with my interpretation of the “eastern look.”
Remember, I’m from the east coast, so I should know!

NEXT: for Engineer Jeff, from the “Show Me” state, so it’s all open!

GROUND LEVEL: for me, Jersey George, from the “Garden State.”
Please notice the flowers in the flower box ~ a nice garden touch!

BASEMENT LEVEL: for Bindle Jim, who is also a mining expert.
Miners go underground. Where else? And no bindles allowed!

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