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4L Bash at Cass 2001
4L Bash at Cass
The Loyal Legion of Logged-on Loggers
gathered in Cass WV from August 4-7, 2001

photo by “Bindle Rita”
The “Bethlehem 4” met near Cass and went to see a neat railroad bridge
Someone had too much saki... SPLASH! “Oh my gosh, where’s Hiromi?”
(from now on the “Bethlehem 4” will refer to the remaining three members)

right photo by Jeff Saxton
The “Bethlehem 4” house (note the 4L sign) and a young recruit
How did “Bindle Rita” survive us four guys?

Rick “ARNL” Perry (above) and Ron Lane (below) are true “Bethlehem 4” fans

Slim & Stumpy looked for Hiromi at the Mann’s Creek Mercantile store

Shay 2 is one of four running Shays at Cass. Number 11
pulled our 4L chartered train on Monday (link below)

photo by “Bindle Rita”
We worked while the rest of the 4L crew enjoyed the Sunday evening program

Click on these images to see our two 4L charter trips
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