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NW Logging 2001
Steam Logging 2001 in Nanaimo, British Columbia
aka 7th Annual NW Logging Modelers’ Convention
June 28-30, 2001

The “Bethlehem 4” flew into Seattle late Monday night. On Tuesday we went to the
BC Mining Museum (link below) and on Wednesday we crossed from Tsawwassen
to Nanaimo on the ferry. SPLASH! “Oh my gosh, where’s Hiromi?”
(from now on the “Bethlehem 4” will refer to the remaining three members)

The convention started on Thursday with a trip to the BC Forestry Museum in Duncan (link below)
On Friday we rode the Alberni Pacific Railway to the McLean Sawmill (link below)

See Timber Times issue 27 for an article about this speeder

As usual, there were many fine entries in the model contest, including a humorous one

It’s 11:00 -- do you know where your children are?

On Sunday Merv Johnson took us on a Donkey Hunt near Sayward (link below)
That evening we returned to the mainland on the last ferry of the day

On Monday we visited Camp 6 in Tacoma and the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Jeff and Jim flew
out just after midnight (not on “Air Force One”) -- I spent an uncomfortable night on the floor
and flew home early the next morning. But we’ll be back next year -- hopefully with Hiromi

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