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4L Log Jam 2002
4L Log Jam on the Little River
in Townsend TN ~ August 1-4, 2002

The Loyal Legion of Logged-on Loggers gathered just across from the Little River
. Here’s Shay 2147 ~ the only remaining Shay from the Little River

Here’s a bunch of us ~ after the Saturday evening picnic. BTW, thanks Don and Jim!

Red suspenders were the “in” apparel ~ from left to right: “Bindle Jim,”
“MC” Lane, “Gov” Rick, “Chainsaugh Charlie,” and “Jersey George”

Just as in Cass last year, Bush’s Beans were part of the model display. Here’s Ron’s
“Cabbage Stack Special” ~ hey, is that “Bindle Jim” to the right?

It sure is ~ along with “Jersey George” ~ enjoying a wonderful view

The “Bethlehem 4” minus two ~ Jeff and Hiromi kept disappearing, but “Jersey George”
and “Bindle Jim” finally spotted them from the train ride (right link below)

Click on these images to see more models and our steam
excursion on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
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