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Mt Rainier Scenic RR
Mt Rainier Scenic RR in Elbe, Washington
June 25, 2000

This is their #5, a 70-ton Porter which was built in 1924
(formerly owned by Port of Grays Harbour)

My 2nd cab ride of the day ~ 4th lifetime ~ I’m getting spoiled

Clark joined the “Bethlehem 4” in the cab. Here he is, perhaps looking back
on an awesome convention and thinking, “Gads, how can I match it in 2001?”

What an awesome view ~ Mt Rainier is well worth seeing

At the end of the ride we got to wander around the yard ~ photo op!

Above & below ~ Hillcrest #10 ~ a huge 70-ton Class C Climax

“Bindle Jim” and Hiromi check out a smaller piece of equipment

Here’s an old Heisler waiting to be restored

After our ride and tour we drove to get a closer view of ~ what else ~ Mt Rainier
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