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My Trip to Maine to Ride the WW&F Ry

The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Ry in Alna -- photos taken in July 1999
(I’m LM 204 of this fine group)

This is the WW&F near Sheepscot Station. Plymouth diesel #52 was the motive
power when I was there. Since then their “new” loco (#10) was given a test fire-up

Photo by James C. Patten
on 12/18/99 -- the first time a WW&F loco was fired since the 1930s

Here’s WW&F #9 (ex SRRR #5, SR&RL #6 and KCRR #4) built in 1891
She’s currently undergoing restoration

Another view of #9 with boxcar #309 (built in 1895) in the background

Some day I plan to work in some ties like this on my Lazy Acre RR

Speaking of track -- Track Laying on the WW&F Ry
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