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Wilson/Melhop Rail Tractors
Wilson or Melhop?
Invercargill, NZ

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Rail Tractors

Because of the rivalry between these two companies, it is not accurately known from records as to whether a rail tractor reported in use was either a Wilson or a Melhop. These 'question marks' are listed herewith.

1.    William Sherrif & Co. Alton Valley

2.    Guthrie Sawmilling Co. Alton Valley

3.    - 1960 Niagara Sawmilling Co. Blackhorn

4.    Hibbs & Co. Chaslands

5.   Sutherland & Co. Chaslands

6.    W Smith & Co. Chaslands

7.    - 1961 Groveburn Sawmilling Co. Groveburn

8.    - 1964 Port Craig Timber Co. Groveburn

9.    Port Craig Timber Co. Haldane

10.    Buchanan Sawmilling Co. Longwood

11.    Niagara Sawmilling Co. Progress Valley

12.    Kilkelly Brothers Tuatapere