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This layout began about 10 or 15 years ago. It began as a small basement project that I was doing alone in my spare time. I model the Southern Pacific railroad, and hoped to continue doing that on my home layout. I worked on it for several years and completed a small portion of it. Some of the scenery was completed early on.








After a while, I got too busy to do much with the layout, so it set unused for several years gathering dust. I mentioned this to some of my friends and one of them...Gary...suggested that I put together a group that was interested in working on a layout but for one reason or another didn't have one or wanted to work on a bigger one. After talking to several people, I decided to try to build the layout that I had been wanting to build for several years. I put together a crew and we got to work.


This is what we began with...


Now look at where we are after the first year...

The First Year