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I wanted to build a train and wanted a steamer, a bigboy

I wanted to build a train and wanted a steamer, a bigboy. Every one says "build something smaller, then build a bigger one". Well if I am going to spend 10 years building something and then have to start over just sounded counter productive. So here is my story.

It all started in 1974 my summer job was driving the train at the Oklahoma City zoo it was (if I remember correctly) a 15 inch gage Santa Fe FA and FB they each had 4 cylinder Wisconsin engines…… I got the bug. 30 years later I started to build. I am working on more than one section at a time because as I run into a wall on one part I work on another until I figure out what the next piece is. I have about 3,600 drawings of the locomotive so it does get a little confusing at times

Here I am beside 4018 in Dallas Tx. Dang this thing is big

I just wanted a train: the foundry

Wheels and axles: and axles/Wheels and axles.htm

The front frame Frames.htm

Engine truck front truck.htm