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Wreck of the Q-BHLA 1-10

The Wreck of the Q-BHLA 1-10

Cajon Pass, Ca, 12/14/94


Two months after the wreck, there were veritable drifts of these tin lids scattered here and there around the wreck site. One or more cargo containers must have been filled with the things.


The remains of Santa Fe GP60M number 144 lies charred and scarred beside the restored right-of-way in February of 1995.


A portrait of the engineer's side of the cab of Santa Fe 144.


The charred remains of a locomotive rests amidst torn well cars and discarded track materials.


Watch your step. No, better yet, just stay well away!


A bad place to be in a train wreck.


A westbound train passes the wreck site, with the conductor out on the front walkway snapping a few photos.

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