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Department of Defense Rolling Stock

Fort Hood, Texas - January 2001

The standard heavy-duty Department of Defense flat car was produced by several different builders and is used to carry two M1-series or M60-series main battle tanks. It can also used to transport M88 recovery vehicles and containers.

DODX 40438

Built July, 1985 by Ortner Freight Car Co.

A End Details:


Right Side:


Left Side:


Truck Details:

 - A end truck, right side

 - B end truck, right side

Brake Details, Right Side:

 - Triple Valve

 - Air Reservoir

Additional Details:

 - Jacking Pad, A end, right side

     - Container mounts

B End Details:

     - Hand brake, left side


Deck, Left Side:


Photos Copyright 2001 by David R. Olsen.

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