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Diesel Feature - MARC GP40WH-2

MARC's newest motive power comes from Morrison-Knudson. M.K. Rail combined parts from former CSX and Kansas City Southern GP40s with SD45 radiator sections to provide MARC with 19 new GP40WH-2s in 1994. The wide nose and cab are from scrapped F45s.


  MARC No.51 - Camden Yards, July 2000.

  MARC No.51 - Camden Yards, July 2000.

  MARC No.51 - Camden Yards, July 2000.

Long Hood



Radiator Section - A view of the left side of the cab and long hood, showing the SD45 radiator section.

HEP Section - The rear of the long hood showing the head-end-power section and the rear headlights.

  HEP Section - The engineer's side of the radiator section. Note the grab iron ladder mounted on this side, unlike most EMD models.

  Radiator Fans - A profile photo showing the spacing of the extra fan for the HEP section.

  Fuel Tank - Fuel filler, sight glass, and other details.

  Air Filter

MARC No.51 at Camden Yards, July 2000:

  MARC No.51

  Long Hood End

Photos Copyright 1996 by David R. Olsen.

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