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Modeling a GP40WH-2

Modeling a GP40WH-2

At present, there are no models of this locomotive in any scale - I do not even know of a brass version. This leaves kitbashing as the only option if you wish to model a GP40WH-2. Although my interest is in HO, the same method could be used in any scale. Keith Thompson, a former member of the Model Railroader staff, and now a contributer, discussed this project in the Workshop column of the December, 1995, issue of MR. I have started working on this model, and I will include pictures when I complete it.

Essentially, this project begins with a GP40-2. Cutting out the dynamic brake and radiator sections, you replace them with the corresponding sections from two SD45s. The GP40WH-2 radiator section is longer than the standard SD45, requiring two shells. The HEP section at the rear of the hood must be rebuilt if the correct hood doors are desired. In HO, this can be done using Cannon doors, but you will have to add louvers. The rear pilot and steps are from an SD40T-2, and the cab is from a F45, with some minor modifications. Decals are available from Microscale in both HO and N scale.

The photos in my GP40WH-2 photo section will help with this project.

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