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MARC No.72 & No.62 - MARC's two standard diesels - the GP39H-2 and the newer GP40WH-2, at Camden Yards. The catenary behind no.72 belongs to the MTA's Light Rail system, adjacent to the MARC platform. June, 1996.

MARC No.67 - A GP40WH-2 prepares for another southbound push at Camden Yards. August 1997.

  MARC No.51 - MARC GP40WH-2 no.51 idles at Camden Yards. July 2000.

  Leavin' DC - The view from the cab of a GP40WH-2 leaving Washington DC's Union Station. The terminal tower is visible at the right edge of the windshield.


  MARC No.71 - A MARC GP39H-2 waits for the next run up the Camden Line at Washington DC's Union Station.

   MARC No.71 - Note the new ditchlights, fresh paint job, and reflective sill striping on this more recent photo of MARC 71. Union Station, Washington DC, 26 June 2001.

MARC No.72 - A MARC GP39H-2 sits on Track 2 at the Camden Yards station. The Oriole Park warehouse is visible in the background. June, 1996.

MARC No.72 - A GP39H-2 approaches the College Park, MD, MARC station, eastbound for Camden Yards. June, 1996.

  Little Engineer - A young railfan mans the trottle in the cab of a GP39H-2. Union Station, Washington DC.


  MARC No.4900 - MARC's first AEM-7 waits for another work week to start at Baltimore's Penn Station. Saturday, 26 August 2000

  MARC No.4900 - Note the mismatched numberboards.

  MARC No.4900

  MARC No.4900

MARC No.4903 - A MARC AEM-7 heads a commuter train at Washington's Union Station (photo courtesy Joshua Moldover).


MARC No.7100 - Maryland Department of Transportation's converted F-unit waits in the yard in Brunswick, MD (photo courtesy Andrew Shoemaker).

MARC No.67 - A former Burlington Northern E9AM, rebuilt by Morrison Knudson, stops at Gaithersburg, MD. Summer, 1994. This unit has been retired since the arrival of the GP40WH-2s. However, rumor has it that MARC plans to restore its two E9s and return them to service (photo courtesy Joshua Moldover).

MARC RDC2 No.1 - The first piece of MARC equipment repainted in the current blue and orange scheme lays over at Brunswick, MD. Late 1980s (photo courtesy Joshua Moldover).

MDOT No.7182 - An FP9 brings a Maryland Department of Transportation train into the station at ockville, MD. Late 1980s (photo courtesy Joshua Moldover).

F-unit Line-Up - Four Department of Transportation diesels sit in the West Brunswick Yard. Early 1980s (photo courtesy Ray Dinterman).

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Photos © Copyright 1996 by David R. Olsen.

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