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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum

Tour the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum

If you happen to be in Baltimore, please visit and support the B&O Railroad Museum. They are dedicated to preserving and restoring historic railroad equipment. Here is a sample of their great work.

  B&O GP40 No.3684

  Pere Marquette SW1 No.3684  - This switcher was built in April, 1942.

  Western Maryland RS3 No.195  - This diesel was built in December, 1953.

  Hot metal car

  B&O SD35 No.7402  (large image)

  WM F7A No.236  - This unit pulls the Museum's excursion train on the short right-of-way out to the CSX mainline.

  B&O No.C-2478  A Class I-12 caboose.

  B&O No.C-2943  A beautifully restored Class I-17A caboose.

  B&O No.904032  This Class C-27A caboose was repainted for CSX Transportation in this commemorative scheme by the B&O Museum shops.

  Canton No.2  This ex-B&O Class C-26A caboose was painted by the B&O Museum shops for the Canton Railroad, a small shortline servicing industries in Baltimore. Note the small oval windows on the ends of the bay window, differentiating the C-26A from the C-27A above.

  B&O GP30 No.6944  This GP30 has been restored in the famous B&O sunburst scheme - I apologize for not capturing the whole locomotive, it was the last frame on the roll!.

Photos Copyright 1996 by David R. Olsen.

Please note: This page in no way reflects the policies or opinions of the B&O Railroad Museum.

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