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St. Denis, MD

St. Denis Station

The small station at St. Denis, Maryland, between I-95 and the Baltimore-Washington International airport doesn't see a high volume of commuter traffic, but it serves as an excellent spot for railfanning. St. Denis is a flag stop, meaning that a MARC passenger must alert the conducter if he or she wishes to disembark. Trains will also stop here if the engineer spots passengers waiting on the platform.

The St. Denis station consists of an asphalt platform with a simple covered shack on each side of the mainline. This picture didn't turn out quite right - I think my camera strap got in front of the lens - but it provides a good look at the Northbound shack until I can take another picture.

Two views of the St. Denis Southbound platform and the CSX mainline leading north to Baltimore. The far track is the Baltimore & Ohio Old Mainline, which splits away just to the South at Relay before heading West.

CSX 8727, a former Conrail SD60I, waits at the signal bridge north of St. Denis. There is plenty of heavy mainline action passing through this small community. 28 December 2001.

Another attraction in the area is the famous Thomas Viaduct, just to the south of the junction at Relay. This structure has carried B&O, Chessie System, and CSX trains between Baltimore and Washington DC for over 150 years.

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