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Union Station

Union Station

Washington D.C.'s Union Station is a hub for passenger service along the Northeast Corridor. Amtrak trains routinely depart from here for Florida, Chicago, and New England. MARC and Virginia Rail Express also bring commuters into the Capitol from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

Most of the MARC and Amtrak trains arrive at stub-end platforms at ground level adjacent to the main terminal. All three MARC lines terminate here, and all types of equipment appear at this station. Amtrak AEM7s, E60s, Amfleet cars, and old Heritage equipment can all be seen.

It is difficult to take pictures from the platform unless you are a passenger, as no one without a ticket is allowed beyond the waiting room. However, if you live outside the city and arrive by MARC, Amtrak, or VRE, you can probably stay on the platform for a few extra minutes. I have done this several times to photograph equipment. The Superliners are more difficult to reach on their platforms below the terminal.

Union Station has a number of shops and restaurants in the mall adjacent to the terminal. Washington residents often frequent this recent addition. Just across from the main waiting area is the mall's Great Train Store, a model train chain which has shops in a number of other cities. The store has an interesting selection of LGB, HO, and N scale equipment, as well as magazines and books, but features prices at or above retail.

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