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Observation Cars I Budd Company
CB&Q Denver Zephyr 1936 Parlor-Observation Santa Fe Super Chief 1937 Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Reading Company Crusader 1937 Coach-Observation Santa Fe El Capitan 1938 Coach-Observation Atlantic Coast Line Champion 1939 Tavern-Lounge-Observation CB&Q Zephyr 1939 Diner-Parlor-Observation Florida East Coast Henry M. Flagler 1939 Tavern-Lounge-Observation Seaboard Air Line Silver Meteor 1939 Coach-Lounge-Observation
FW&D Texas Zephyr 1940 Dining-Lounge-Observation Pennsylvania RR South Wind 1940 Tavern-Lounge-Observation New York Central 1941 Empire State Express Lounge-Observation CB&Q Twin Zephyr 1947 Dome Parlor-Observation Seaboard Air Line Silver Meteor 1947 Tavern-Lounge-Observation Central of Georgia Man O' War 1947 Tavern- Lounge-Observation C&O Chessie 1948
C&O Chessie 1948 Dome Lounge-Observation
New York Central 1948 Sleeper-Lounge-Observation New York Central 1948 Tavern-Lounge-Observation Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Phoebe Snow 1949 Tavern-Lounge-Observation CB&Q California Zephyr 1949 Dome Sleeper-Observation Wabash Blue Bird 1950 Dome Parlor-Observation Pennsylvania RR Congressional1952 Parlor-Lounge-Observation CB&Q Kansas City Zephyr 1953 Dome Parlor-Observation CPR Canadian 1955 Dome Sleeper-Observation
CB&Q Denver Zephyr 1956 Dome Parlor-Observation NYS&W ex-CB&Q Dome Parlor-Observation Canadian National Champlain
ex-RDG Coach-Observation
Spirit of Washington
ex-RDG Coach-Observation
Pennsylvania RR Tavern-Lounge-Observation Kansas City Southern ex-NYC Tavern-Lounge-Observation CP Rail Canadian Dome Sleeper-Observation VIA Rail Canada ex-CPR Dome Sleeper-Observation
Seaboard Coast Line
ex-SAL Tavern-Lounge-Observation
Silver Creek International
ex-WP Dome Sleeper-Observation
Texan Dinner Train ex-C&O Diner-Lounge-Observation My Old Kentucky Dinner Train
ex-C&O Diner-Lounge-Observation
Pacific Starlight ex-C&O Diner-Lounge-Observation Pacific Starlight ex-C&O Diner-Lounge-Observation Melco Labs
ex-Central of Georgia Tavern- Lounge-Observation
Electro-Motive mobile test car
ex-PRR Parlor-Lounge-Observation
Amtrak ex-Wabash Dome- Parlor-Lounge-Observation
Amtrak ex-ACL Tavern-Lounge-Observation Amtrak ex-NYC Tavern-Lounge-Observation Amtrak ex-NYC Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Amtrak ex-SAL Tavern-Lounge-Observation Maryland Rail Commuter
ex-NYC Tavern-Lounge-Observation
Acadian Railway Acadian ex-NYC Tavern-Lounge-Observation Acadian Railway Acadian ex-PRR Parlor-Lounge-Observation
SAM Shortline RR ex-FEC Tavern-Lounge-Observation Great Smoky Mountains RR
ex-ACL Tavern-Lounge-Observation
Denver & Rio Grande Western
ex-NYC Tavern-Lounge-Observation
Maine Eastern RR ex-PRR
Global Star II PV ex-SAL Tavern-Lounge-Observation BC Rail Whistler Northwind
ex-FEC Tavern-Lounge-Observation
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR ex-FEC Tavern-Lounge-Observation Metro-North
ex-DL&W Tavern-Lounge-Observation
Nacionales de Mexico ex-FW&D Dining-Lounge-Observation     Nacionales de Mexico ex-NYC Tavern-Lounge-Observation       Nacionales de Mexico ex-NYC Sleeper-Lounge-Observation


Railroad Shop and Miscellaneous Builder Cars
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 1935 Beaver Tail Parlor-Observation New York Central Mercury 1936 Lounge-Observation Baltimore & Ohio Capitol Limited 1938 Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 1939 Beaver Tail Parlor-Observation Pennsylvania RR Trail Blazer 1939 Lounge-Observation Baltimore & Ohio National Limited 1940 Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Baltimore & Ohio Cincinnatian 1947 Diner-Lounge-Observation Illinois Central RR City of New Orleans 1947 Parlor-Observation
Monon Railroad Thoroughbred1947 Diner-Parlor-Observation Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis City of Memphis 1947 Coach-Observation Pennsylvania RR Trail Blazer 1947 Lounge-Observation Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 1948 Skytop Parlor-Observation Great Northern Railway Badger/Gopher1952 Buffet-Parlor-Observation Canadian National 1954 Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Milwaukee Road Beaver Tail Parlor-Observation Louisville & Nashville
ex-NC&SL Coach-Observation
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Skytop Parlor-Observation Roanoke Chapter NRHS ex-IC Parlor-Observation Eaton PV ex-IC Parlor-Observation Carolina Southern ex-IC Parlor-Observation   London & Northeastern Railway (Great Britain) Coronation 1937 Lounge-Observation Great Central Railway (Great Britain) ex-LNER Lounge-Observation German State Railway Wegmann Observation-Lounge
Nacionales de Mexico Aguila Azteca 1953
Nacionales de Mexico
  Victorian Railway (Australia) Spirit of Progress 1937 Parlor-Observation Commonwealth Railway Trans-Australian 1952 Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Australian National Railway ex-CR Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Australia Southern Railway ex-CR Sleeper-Lounge-Observation Spirit of the West ex-CR Sleeper-Lounge-Observation


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