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Special Trains
General Motors/Pullman-Standard Train of Tomorrow (1947) American Car & Foundry (ACF) TALGO (1949)
British Railways Winston Churchill Funeral Train (1965) Preamble Express (1974)
TALGO Pendular in Amtrak demonstration service (1984) Amtrak/USPS Celebrate the Century Express (2000)
Iowa Northern RR Hawkeye Express Illinois Railroad Museum Nebraska Zephyr set
New South Wales (Australia) XPT-X2000 demonstration New Jersey Transit Atlantic City Express Service (2009)
Penn Central mail train (1970s) Amtrak Fast Mail (1980s)
Amtrak 40th Anniversary special (2011) Tacoma Rail excursion special


Goldwater Presidential Campaign Train (1964)
Canadian Confederation Centennial Train (1967)
Chesapeake & Ohio Dwight D. Eisenhower Funeral Train (1969)
Amtrak/ABC Good Morning America Whistle Stop Tour special (2008)
Swedish State Railway X2000 in Amtrak demonstration service (1993)
German Railways ICE1 in Amtrak demonstration service (1993)
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation Holiday Express
Norfolk Southern steam excursion special
Rail Cruise America excursion special
Norfolk Southern steam excursion special
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Fast Mail (1960s)
AAPRCO Convention Special (2014)
Train Festival excursion special (2009)
American Freedom Train (1975)
American Freedom Train (1947)
Golden Spike Centennial Limited (1969)
Chessie Steam Special (1977)
Canadian Discovery Train (1978)
Victorian Railways (Australia) Spirit of Progress 70th Anniversary Special (2007)
Rexall Train (1926)
Canadian Royal Train (1939)
Providence & Worcester excursion special
Union Pacific excursion special
Cardinals Train (1926)
New York State Freedom Train (1949)
Louisiana World's Fair Daylight (1984)
Chessie Safety Express (1981)
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus Blue Unit (2010)
Pan Am Rail/Norfolk Southern inspection special (2011)
Amtrak/NS Toys For Tots special (2015)
Amtrak Gulf Coast inspection special (2016)
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus Blue Unit (2017)
Amtrak Autumn Express excursion special (2017)
CSX Santa Train (2017)
Union Pacific George H. W. Bush Funeral Train (2018)
Norfolk Southern Toys For Tots special (2018)
NSWGR/Victorian Railways (Australia) Southern Aurora 50th Anniversary Special (2019)
Union Pacific Golden Spike 150 special (2019)
Autumn Colors excursion special (2019)
Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Fall Foliage Special (2020)
Amtrak Build Back Better Express whistlestop special (2020)


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