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Streamliners V
Southern Railway ex-Asheville Special (1971) Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Quad Cities Rocket (1971)
Southern Railway ex-Birmingham Special (1975) Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific ex-Peoria Rocket (1978)


Denver & Rio Grande Western Rio Grande Zephyr (1971)
Southern Railway Southern Crescent (1971)
Auto-Train Corporation Auto Train (1972)
Southern Railway Piedmont Limited (1974)
Combined Floridian-Auto Train (1977)


Amtrak George Washington (1971) Amtrak James Whitcomb Riley (1972)
Amtrak Pacific International (1972) Amtrak San Diegan (1972)
Amtrak Broadway Limited (1972) Amtrak George Washington (1973)
Amtrak Prairie State (1973) Amtrak Illini (1974)
Amtrak/D&H Adirondack (1974) Amtrak Illinois Zephyr (1974)
Amtrak James Whitcomb Riley (1975) Amtrak San Joaquin (1976)
  Amtrak Hiawatha (1977)


Amtrak Broadway Limited (1971)
Amtrak Empire Builder (1971)
Amtrak San Francisco Zephyr (1971)
Amtrak Abraham Lincoln (1971)
Amtrak North Coast Hiawatha (1971)
Amtrak National Limited (1971)
Amtrak Mount Rainier (1971)
Amtrak Coast Starlight (1971)
Amtrak South Wind (1971)
Amtrak Panama Limited (1972)
Amtrak Sunset Limited (1972)
Amtrak Broadway Limited (1972)
Amtrak Montrealer (1972)
Amtrak Chief (1972)
Amtrak George Washington (1972)
Amtrak Sunset Limited (1973)
Amtrak Wolverine (1974)
Amtrak Inter-American (1974)
Amtrak James Whitcomb Riley/Mountaineer (1975)
Amtrak Southwest Chief (1975)
Amtrak Panama Limited (1976)


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