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Passenger Diesel Locomotives II
MBTA F40PH MBTA F40PH Metrolink F40PH AMT F40PH RTA F40PH METRA F40PHM-2 New Jersey Transit F40PH
Tri-Rail F40PH Tri-Rail F40PH Virginia Railway Express F40PH VRE F40PH Caltrain F40PH Caltrain F40PH NCTD F40PH
Altamont Corridor Express F40PH Music City Star F40PH Metro-North F40PH Metro-North F40PH METRA F40PH GO Transit F59PH METRA F59PH
Metrolink F59PH Metrolink F59PH Metrolink F59PH AMT F59PH Michigan DOT F59PH AMT F59PH Trinity Rail Express F59PH
Sound Transit F59PH Sound Transit F59PH Sound Transit F59PHI Sound Transit F59PH Sound Transit F59PHI Metrolink F59PHI Metrolink F59PHI
AMT F59PHI Trinity Rail Express F59PHI West Coast Express F59PHI NCTD F59PHI METRA MP36PH Caltrain MP36PH Front Runner MP36PH
MARC MP36PH MBTA MP36PH Metrolink MP36PH Northstar MP36PH Rail Runner MP36PH

Sound Transit MP36PH

Virginia Rail Express MP36PH
West Coast Express MP36PH GO Transit MP40PH GO Transit MP40PH Metro-North P32AC-DM Metro-North P32AC-DM Connecticut DOT P32AC-DM Long Island RR DM30AC
New Jersey
New Jersey
MBTA HSP46 Tri-Rail BL36PH Sunrail MP32PH Metrolink F125 GO Transit GP40TC
Erie-Lackawanna U34CH

New Jersey Transit U34CH

Central of New Jersey GP40P Southern Pacific GP40P MARC GP39H-2 MARC GP40WH-2 MBTA GP40MC
New Jersey Transit GP40FH-2

Metro-North GP40FH-2

      Connecticut DOT GP40-2H Champlain Flyer GP38-2


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