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Along the line: a place


(Picture: #168) 4/1994 The road to Medicine Lake crosses the McCloud tracks at Bartle. The Bartle siding is the track to the left.

(Picture: #169) 12/1997. A section shed still stands at Bartle.

(Picture: #170) 5/2003. The Bartle tank is one of two complete water tanks left standing on the railroad. It remained serviceable into the early 1980’s, but then fell into disrepair. A group of volunteers restored the tank to operation in late 1993/early 1994 in preparation for the return of the #19 in April/May of 1994. The tank has since lapsed into disrepair again and will need a lot of work before it can hold water again. There has been some talk of putting a plastic or equivalent lining in it. The railroad now waters it’s steam locomotives from fire service tank cars or from tanker trucks.

((Picture: #171) 5/2003. A westbound freight with 24 empties for the Burney area passes Bartle tank.