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Along the line: Hambone



This photo shows the #39 passing through Hambone with an eastbound freight bound for Lookout. © Mike Woodruff.


Photo is by and courtesy of Greg Brown.

Looking east from the western end of the Hambone siding in June 2004, six months after operations on this line ceased.

The Hambone siding is plugged full of boxcars owned by GE Capital in this photo from June 2004. The original mainline through Hambone passed underneath the current mainline and siding at right angles at the middle of this picture.

Looking west from the eastern end of the Hambone siding in June 2004.

Here are four pictures of what appears to be the the McCloud River Lumber Company camp at Hambone. The crane loading cabins onto flatcars suggest that these photos may have been taken when the camp was being prepared for the move to Pondosa. All photos are courtesy of Heritage Junction Museum of McCloud, Inc.