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Along the line: Kinyon


Henry W. Brueckman snapped this photograph of Camp Kinyon from a passing excursion train in 1962. The main part of the camp is visible to the right, with the cookhouse just to the left of the railroad cars and the roundhouse at the extreme left. Rail operations based out of this camp had been discontinued the year before. The two cars on the siding are the cat doctor cars- a 2000-series tank car that has had one half of the tank body removed and replaced with a large storage box and a tool car. Together the two cars carried all the fuel, spare parts, and tools needed to service and make field repairs on the lumber company's fleet of tractors. Jack Neville collection.

Another shot of Camp Kinyon taken by Henry W. Brueckman from a passing excursion train in 1962. The roundhouse and locomotive servicing facilities are on the left. The railcar in the center of the photograph is the Red Goose, the home-built railbus that once carried loggers out into portions of the woods inaccessible by rubber tired vehicles. By this late date the railbus had been long since abandoned, and within two years of this photo the camp would be closed and demolished. Today only the hulk of the railbus remains, and the thicket of new trees nearly blocks the car from view.

Camp Kinyon through the trees. Photo courtesy of Dennis Sullivan.

5/2003. These ties are all that remain of the yard facilities the lumber company maintained at Kinyon.

5/2003. Remains of a collapsed building in Kinyon.