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Photos bySean Zwagerman

McCloud Rails: Photos by Sean Zwagerman
All photos are © Sean Zwagerman and are used with permission

(Picture aMoore04) This photo shows the #39 westbound at Bartle Tank with a short train from Lookout Junction in 1996.

(Picture aMoore05). In this photo, the #38 and a sister unit are seen switching at the Berry Wye in 1997.

(Picture aMoore06.jpg) This photo shows #36 and #37 departing Lookout Junction for McCloud in 1991.

(Picture MOORE01) This photo shows a westbound freight returning from Burney at the Bartle tank in 2003.

(Picture aMoore07) This photo, taken over the roof of caboose #102, shows a McCloud-bound freight from Burney near Cayton in 1990.