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About The Railway

This railway began in the summer of 2000.  Some of the railway came from our old house. That railway was built around 1990. 

The new railway was built right after we built our new house.  We laid out the landscaping in the back yard around the train layout.  Our old layout was around 40 feet X 20 feet.  The current layout is much much larger than the old layout.  The old layout could fit inside of the smallest loop on the railway with plenty of room to spare. Below is a aerial view of our back yard. The train runs the full length on the bottom of the picture. There is also a short run up the right side of the picture.

Layout Specs

Location: We are located in Englewood Colorado, just outside of Denver

Trains: We buy what we like. We are not road name specific.  We have Aristocraft, LGB, USA, and Bachman. We have 21 locomotives and have 14 complete trains which amounts to over 110 pieces of rolling stock.  (See Roster for More Info)

Track: There is over 1300 feet of LGB and Aristocraft track and 16 Switch tracks

Size: 250 feet long X 30 feet wide, 15 feet wide in the middle

Loops: There are 3 loops. The mainline, Upper European loop, and Lower European loop. 

Reversing Lines:  We have 2 reversing lines in our layout.  One is an American trolley line and the other is a European rack line. This line contains a hand made, curved stone, arch bridge. (See Summer 2004 Link for Info) 

Other Facts: There is 36 feet of tunnels

Layout is run on multiple Aristocraft Train Engineers

There is a pond, and a waterfall in the layout