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Just as a quick note... there is nothing on this page that is fast to download.  This page is a 56K modem's worst nightmare, but can be downloaded!  Next to each movie is a screen shot from the video and the size of the file. Some files can take 5 minutes to download on DSL.  This is because of the server speed at  All these files are in Quicktime format (.MOV) and there is no sound.  For a faster download, right click on the movie that you want and select "save target as."  This will cut the download time almost in half.


 Movie (3.88 MB)


 Movie (2.51 MB)


 Movie (2.49 MB)


 Movie (2.62 MB)


 Movie (3.48 MB)


 Movie (2.45 MB)


 Movie (4.37 MB)