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Amtrak P-42 Locomotive


This is a locomotive that that we built to go with our American Orient Express passenger cars.  We built it as a P-42.  This is because AOE contracts with Amtrak to pull their trains.


We built the model with Aristocraft FA motor blocks.  We rebuilt the side frames to match the prototype.  Each side of the side frame took about 40 pieces to make.  The sides of the locomotive are made of sheet styrene.  The grates on the side are also plastic.  The roof was a hard part to make because of the arch of it and high amount of detail. We found a clay that is made of paper that doesn't need baked in order to get hard, but takes a few hours to get hard.  It worked well. To make all of the surfaces the right contour, we used LOTS of BONDO! This locomotive as some very hard angles to model in real life.


We did all the lettering on our computer.  We ran wide vinyl striping through our laser printer and then cut out the letters with a razor blade.  The red, white, and blue stripes ware automotive striping.  That is much easier than painting it on.  We then added the detail and weight.


This model will someday be replaced by the LGB P- 42. This model will still remain in the rail yard on the layout.