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Warehouse Project



This was the first building that we built.  It is made entirely out of cement board and pop cans.  We got the idea off the internet, and built ours a little larger.


To build it we had to cut out the doors out of the cement board.  This stuff is not easy to cut.  We used a tool called a roto-zip. It worked well, but it throws dust everywhere. This is mostly because the bit is about a 1/4 inch wide.  We then had to collect the pop cans. This is what makes the project take a while.  This building took around 150 pop cans.  We had all our friends at school giving us cans for the project.  We then had to wash each and cut them open into a square. 


Next step was to run the cans through a Fiskars paper crimper.  We have used this for many projects, and I would recommend it to anyone.  You have to squeeze hard to get a good crimp, but it is cheap and looks good.  We then liquid nailed the pieces to the cement board.  We needed a base for it, so we built it down at my dads sheet metal shop.  Last we wanted to name it.  We chose ACME. We made a pattern on the computer, cut out the letters, and then had a template.  We taped it to the cans on the building and used light coats of red paint. Last we aged it by running steel wool over the top.