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McDonnell Garden Railway - Slow Loading?

Is This Page Loading Slow For You?

This site contains many images that are at a very high image quality. I have not reduced the pictures down further so that they may be downloaded and even used as wallpaper for desktops.

How Can I Make This Site Load Faster?

This site will load faster after the main index page. Each set of slideshows are built off of a template. This means that the basic components of the page will only need to be loaded once in order to see all pages. After the first page in the slideshow loads, only the new picture will have to be loaded for the rest of the slideshow, but they will load quickly on a 56K modem. Every page should load within 2 minutes, but most within 20 seconds on a 56K modem. This site runs very well with high speed internet but was designed with 56K modems in mind.