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UP SD 40-2's

UP sd40-2's

Photos By Mike Clark, Mike Durr, Rolland Rodway, Grumpy, Loran Martell & Steve Hoskins.

Here is some history on the UP SD40-2 fleet.

UP 3083 built Aug, 1971 through, UP3804 built Nov. or Dec. 1980. (3083-3122 Ret. no date)

Then there was the Fast Forty's UP 8000 - 8099. this group of units were geared to run with the UP 6900 class DD40X's. UP3240 through 3274, were renumbered 8000-8034, regeared 69:18 80MPH. The rest came new as UP8035 to UP8099. 8035-8099 were later regeard, and renumberd in to the low end of 3300's.

Along comes the MOPAC fleet:

MP6005-6073, to UP3905-3973, these units have DB's.

MP3115-3163, to UP4115-4163, these units have no DB's.

MP3202-3321, to UP4202-4321, these units have no DB's.

A large number of these last two groups have been rebuilt in to SD38-2Rs. Only a hand full left.

Now comes the MKT fleet:

MKT600-636, to UP3809-3844.

Now comes the CNW fleet:

mix bag of 6800, and 6900 to UP3015-3098.

CNW 6800class to UP2952-2999.

Total around 865 units + or - .

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