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   Devin M. Jackson - Mesquite Belt Chief Executive Officer
Devin is an employee minded CEO.  When considering important decisions regarding the railroad, he will go out and talk to those affected to get their imput.  The corporate philosophy of repainting MKT's colors on MKT rolling stock and locomotives was made primarily for employees moral.  "I hate to see a railroad totally disappear, seemingly overnight.  I don't think the employees from the acquirred railroad enjoy the first task by their new owners being to repaint everything in the first 6 months!  If the Mesquite Belt bought your railroad, that's one thing.  If the Mesquite Belt now owns your reporting marks anyway, why not let them remain?  How interesting can railroading get if every car and engine are the same color?"  Jackson said during a recent meeting of the Piney Woods Society of Model Railroad Engineers.  Devin has a Masters Degree in Ferroequineology, a BS in Transportation; and an Associates Degree in Railroad Operations.   He can be reached at:

    Melanie A. Jackson - Mesquite Belt Chief Financial Officer
A University of Houston - University Park graduate, Melanie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.  The native Texan is also a certified English as a Second Language teacher.   Initially her work dealt with educating the board in financial management; as she has undergrad studies in public accounting.
Melanie's commitment to well thought out purchases is hard to change.
"Any question who is the saver in the family?" has been heard on more than one business trip.  Melanie recently spent time riding, operating, and evaluating hand cars for the Mesquite Belt.   She enjoys N-scale model railroading, hunting turkey & white tail deer, and spending time with her family.  Melanie is assigned to the corporate headquaters.

    Aaron N. Jackson - Mesquite Belt Safety Manager
Aaron is in charge of overlooking all Operations from a safety standpoint.   The "Safety begins with ME" campaign the Mesquite Belt uses is one of his programs.   Aaron's responsibilities include monitoring of all train movements using appropriate whistle and bell warning devices.  He also is responsible for all employees using hearing protection when in loud environments.
Since completing Kindergarten, his education is continuing with on the job type training, making sure everybody knows their hoppers, gondolas, boxcars, tankcars, autoracks.   Aaron is based out of the Texas headquarters.   Now in Engineer training, he is now assigned to Budd RDC service for the TRE, the Trinity Railway Express.   "AJ" handles train movements smoothly, and is quick to respond to the dispatcher.   When not working on the Mesquite Belt, he enjoys white tail deer hunting, baseball and railroad photography.

    Matthew P. Jackson - Mesquite Belt Chief Inspector

Although Matthew appears too young to have much formal education, his knowledge of trains and enthusiasm makes up most of the difference.  Matthew uses a "hands on" approach to most railroad matters, and is constantly listening for the next train.   Matthew is very knowledgeable in hazardous materials procurement and always has a sharp eye out for derails.  In his spare time, the native Texan reviews railroad video tapes, and is always interested in new motive power and rolling stock acquisions.  Matthew enjoys watching roll by's and being the one to say "Highball" to the crew...He has been known to yell out a "Highball" during switching moves also!  Matthew looks forward to his formal education, engineer training.  Matthew loves those "star cars" on the TRE, can't wait till he runs a TRE train without a trainer next to him!   Based out of headquarters, he already has plans on retiring with the Mesquite Belt!

    Caryn A. Jackson - Mesquite Belt Northern Operations Supervisor
A native Texan, Caryn has had several assignments with the MB since her birth.   Upon her "arrival", she was in charge of Hazardous waste, then she was promoted to operations observations.  Last year, she was transferred to the building department, to help with construction of the depot.   While working on the inside of the depot, she quickly learned the joys of working with sheetrock.   Caryn regained the Champion Bubble Gum blower of Calloway County, Missouri in 2004.   She won with a 9.5" bubble using 3 pieces of gum.  She was the 2002 Champion also.   Even though retired from competition, she is often spotted handing out Dubble Bubble gum to co-workers.   Based out of Missouri, Caryn now monitors the northern grain harvest to assure timely and prompt service.

    Captain Steve L. Dennis - Mesquite Belt Chief Pilot
A native Texan, Steve is lucky to combine
his love
of trains
& flying.

Steve is next to the Mesquite Belt's Learjet Model 24B, Mesquite Belt One.

Steve has a strong working knowledge in hazardous materials, emergency management, law enforcement and stays calm in high pressure enviroments.   His experience in both the fire fighting and law enforcement allow him to multi-task as a Security Advisor & Emergency Services Liason to the Board of Directors.  Steve has been a life-long friend of the CEO; which Devin says "You won't find a better person than Steve."

He is a licensed pilot, instrument, & multi-engine qualified.   Steve looks forward to his trips, and has been known to railfan while flying.     He is based out of Houston.

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