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The Piney Woods Model Railroad Club

  The Piney Woods Model Railroad Club is an informal, but tight knit group of modelers in the East Texas area.  The area covered by the group ranges from the Houston area to the I-20 corridor to the North(Tyler and Longview), and from Rusk and Jacksonville in the East to the Mexia/Teague/Lake Richland Chambers area to the West.  Members range in age from those still in high school to those who have retired!  It is common for those driving from one extreme end to the other to be on the road for a couple of hours one way!  Usually, we carpool to catch up on what is been going on since the last meeting.  It is also common for work sessions on each others layouts between meets.  We have some really talented members, and we try to learn from one another.  The layouts range from the 1920's to modern day in both N and HO scale.  Our meetings consist of operation sessions utilizing a 4 turn waybill system.  Most members utilize the Digitrax systems, however Easy DCC and NCE are also used on members layouts; as well as DC.

  Some may find it strange that a "club" can function without officers and a treasuer, however, most of us have been members of larger, structured clubs in major towns, and we enjoy the informalness of the group.  This does not mean however that we have NO rules.   There are 3 rules to be a member in good standing:
1)  If you attend more than 2 meetings (does not have to consecutive) you ARE a member
2)  No one is allowed to drop a locomotive from more than 3 feet above sea level
     (this rule comes from a member that was in a large club on the coast of Florida)
3)  Member must be in good standing with community and law enforcement

Doyle Davis' N scale South Western Pacific RR
Jerry Turner's HO scale Florence and Cripple Creek RR
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