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Pacific Rail Shops Reference Page
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Pacific Rail Shops, P. O. Box 867
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420-0201

Revised March 14, 2002

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Pacific Rail Product Line
1937 AAR 40 ft. Boxcar, 10' high, Early Square Corner End
1937 AAR 40 ft. Boxcar, 10' high, "W" Corner End
1937 Modified AAR 40 ft. Boxcar, 10' 6" high
AAR 40 ft. Double Door Boxcar, 10' 6" high
R-40-23 Steel Ice Refrigerator Car
50 ft. Single Door Boxcar
50 ft. Double Door Boxcar
ACF 4650 Cu.Ft. 3 Bay Covered Hopper

Roadnames are run ONCE, and are rarely repeated.
Contact Pacific Rail to find out what is currently available.

70 ton Triple Bay Off-Set Side Hopper Car
(built from 1930's to the late '50's)
Fowler 40 ft. Wood Boxcar with Z Type Bracing